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The history of Milton-Ulladulla’s towns, villages and localities tell the story of 19th century convict and free settlement and early prosperity brought by the development of dairying on Milton’s rich volcanic soils, as well as the harvesting and quarrying of natural resources like red cedar, hardwood timber and silica. Although the three main centres of Milton, Ulladulla and Mollymook have become nearly one conurbation, linked by 21st century ‘suburbs’ of newly-built houses, each town continues to have its own distinct character.

Many of Milton’s buildings, such as the courthouse, town hall, churches, old bank buildings and stores are heritage-listed on the Illawarra Regional Environmental Plan. It’s a small, walkable town with an attractive main street, handsome public buildings and dozens of well-maintained Victorian-era cottages to discover.

Ulladulla originally developed as a busy port for coastal shipping, commercial fishing and boat building. It is now the district’s major commercial and retail centre but still retains several buildings of historical importance such as the 1948 Marlin Hotel and the Warden Head lighthouse.

While Mollymook has a comparatively small commercial centre, it has a distinctive beachside character and has played an important part in the development of South Coast tourism from the middle decades of the 20th century.



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