Donating historical artefacts, photos and documents

MUHS welcomes donations of items that help tell the story of our district’s history. These may be documents, photos, tools, decorative items, artefacts, films, books or oral histories. To be of value to our collection, items need to be identified and have a strong connection to this district. To find out if you can donate something to MUHS, contact our Collection Curator.

Original photographs and documents can also be scanned to add to our digital collection and returned to you.

To enable the Milton-Ulladulla Historical Society to continue to preserve the district’s history and educate both locals and visitors, we welcome your cash donation.

Your donation helps us to:

  • buy new documents and artefacts to extend our collection,
  • house, conserve and manage our collection,
  • cover costs associated with our member volunteers preparing displays and giving talks
  • support our research projects