Milton-Ulladulla Historical Society Inc

The Milton-Ulladulla Historical Society Inc was founded in 1968 with the following aims:

  • To promote the preservation of the historical artefacts, buildings and landscapes of Milton-Ulladulla and district, since the first European settlers arrived in 1828.
  • To stimulate and organise research.
  • To give talks and conduct excursions.
  • To collect and preserve old papers, documents, family trees, photographs, maps and similar material about the district and its history

The Society’s collection of documents, papers, photographs, drawings, artefacts and maps is held in various locations in the Milton-Ulladulla district. The collection is currently being catalogued and many of its historical photographs high-resolution scanned and digitised to make them more easily accessed for research, family histories, education and general interest.

Members of the Milton-Ulladulla Historical Society have published books about various aspects of the district’s history, give talks to local clubs, societies and schools, arrange guided walks, and create displays for festivals and events.

Our researcher can assist those researching their family’s history as well as provide more in-depth information about the history of Milton-Ulladulla’s:

  • exploration, settlement and development
  • early pioneer families
  • notable and famous citizens
  • industries, such as dairying, timber, fishing, silica mining and tourism
  • community organisations, churches and local services

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