Our History

The Milton-Ulladulla district is a unique part of the heritage of both New South Wales and Australia.

Settled by colonists from 1828, the district’s towns reflect the early expansion of the timber industry and later dairying, followed by silica mining and then tourism.

Understanding the history of the place in which you live creates a greater understanding of why so many things are as they are today – how towns and streets got their names, why the industries in which people work developed, how the natural landscape was shaped by settlement, and why houses and buildings look the way they do. Local history combined with a place’s geography can tell you everything.

But preserving local history is not an easy task, as towns expand, new roads are built and industries wax and wane. Since 1968, Milton-Ulladulla Historical Society Inc has been dedicated to preserving our district’s past, for the future.

Our Places

Learn about the history of our thriving towns, charming villages and picturesque landscapes.

  • Towns


    Find out more about the history of the main towns of the Milton-Ulladulla area.

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  • Villages


    The Milton-Ulladulla district has many villages, each with its own distinct character and history.

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  • Landscapes


    The landscapes of Milton-Ulladulla have been shaped by the interaction of natural and human geography.


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  • Historic Homesteads

    Historic Homesteads

    The Milton-Ulladulla district has many fine homesteads dating from the late 19th century that have been carefully maintained and sympathetically restored.

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New in 'Our Stories'

  • Ulladulla’s famous Funland, and Rowen’s Arcade

    Ulladulla’s famous Funland, and Rowen’s Arcade

    In the late 1940s and early 1950s, with my wife Doreen, we would spend many weekends in the Milton-Ulladulla area, spear fishing and water skiing. When King’s Point was subdivided, we had the first house built there by Millard and Ingold builders, as a weekender.

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  • Farewell Joanne Ewin

    Farewell Joanne Ewin

    The Milton Ulladulla Historical Society (MUHS) recently lost one of its highly-valued Life Members with the passing of Joanne Ewin on 24 January 2018, a well-known and respected member of the Milton-Ulladulla community and a past secretary of MUHS.

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  • Have you found Millards Creek Weir, Ulladulla?

    Have you found Millards Creek Weir, Ulladulla?

    Have you seen a piece of Ulladulla’s history, existing since 1861, near a busy road, but only noticed by a few pedestrians? It is the weir over Millards Creek, 20 metres off St Vincent Street, looking west.

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  • Heritage trees in Milton Ulladulla

    Heritage trees in Milton Ulladulla

    The heritage fig in Milton is a well-known landmark and much loved by locals and visitors and the historic elm outside the Anglican church is also an important part of Milton’s history.

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  • The day the Milton Show exploded

    In the late 1940s, Milton Shows were still fairly frugal affairs and offered little entertainment for small children. Children quite naturally created their own fun.

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  • A Milton ‘institution’, Matron Gwenda Porter

    A Milton ‘institution’, Matron Gwenda Porter

    Gwenda Porter arrived in Milton by bus in 1940 and was said to have told the bus driver that she would be back on it the next day after seeing how small the town and hospital were. Instead, she stayed on as Matron at Milton Ulladulla Hospital for the next 32 years, retiring in 1972 and then continuing to live in the district until her death.

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