Villages of Milton-Ulladulla



The first settlers of Conjola were the Murray family from County Fermanagh in Ireland who migrated to escape the 1840s Irish famine. Several other Irish families (Egan, Boyle and Maguire) joined them and the village of Conjola became distinguished from other settlements by the Catholic faith of its inhabitants.



Bawley Pont

Burrill Lake

Lake Tabourie

East Lynne


Little Forest






The small settlement of what was originally called ‘Burroman’ began during the 1840s near the shallow crossing on the Clyde River between Milton and Nelligen. Early settlers worked hard to clear a patch of land in order to eke out a meagre living from crops and cattle, sheltering in bark huts and cooking in the open. With the discovery of gold in subsequent years, prospectors came to Brooman looking for alluvial and reef gold. So did timber workers, cutting hardwoods from the local forests and also those who harvested wattle bark for tanning. Pioneer families of the district included Drury, Dent, Gardner, Goodsell, Hapgood, Heycox, Hibberd, Hobbs, Jarman, Lane, Millard, Myers, Parkhill, Rixon, Shoebridge, Smith, Sullivan and Walker.

As the population swelled, two schools were built in 1879, on opposite sides of the river and each half time, sharing a teacher. The town’s population peaked in the 1940s, with a sawmill on each side of the Clyde river. Meat, mail and groceries were delivered from Milton. However, once the mills closed many of the families left the area, leaving behind their empty cottages to remind us of this once bustling village. In 1967, the Brooman Schoolhouse was moved to Milton School.